(reigned 2113–2096 B.C.)
   King of Ur, founder of the Third Dynasty of Ur. He was a governor of Ur during the reign of Utuhegal of Uruk but made himself independent after his successful expulsion of the Guti. He asserted his authority over other Sumerian cities, such as Lagash, to form a strongly centralized state, with the capital at Ur. He initiated ambitious building programs, such as the zigguratat Ur, as well as at Uruk. He also ordered the construction of new canals, rebuilt the city walls of Ur, planted date-palm orchards, and did much to enhance the economic and military security of the country. For such efforts he was lauded in a Sumerian hymn that also extols his dedication to the god Enlil of Nippur. Ur-Nammu was also the subject of other literary works, such as a text in which he visits the Netherworld. He was portrayed on a stone stele that shows him making an offering to a deity.He was succeeded by his son Shulgi.

Historical Dictionary of Mesopotamia. . 2012.

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