Archaeological site near Nippur, in central Mesopotamia, excavated by Americans in 1963 and 1965, and by a British team directed by Nicholas Postage in the 1970s. The most significant find was an archive dating from the Early Dynastic period that also contained fragments of literary texts.

Historical Dictionary of Mesopotamia. . 2012.

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  • EARLY DYNASTIC PERIOD —    Archaeological term referring to levels of Mesopotamian sites from the end of the Jemdet Nasr period (c. 2900 B.C.) to the reign of Sargon of Akkad (c. 2330). There are three subdivisions: Early Dynastic (ED) I (2900–2750), ED II (2750–2600),… …   Historical Dictionary of Mesopotamia

  • SUMERIAN —    Languagespoken in southern Mesopotamia until the beginning of the second millennium B.C. It was expressed in writing since the Early Dynastic period (earlier forms of cuneiform were not meant to reflect a particular idiom). Sumerian texts were …   Historical Dictionary of Mesopotamia

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